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Fonejacker free ring dings

images fonejacker free ring dings

They also guess the name of the song correctly, after asking him to sing the first part again. The lady can't go below 25, so ends the call with his "Goodbye and much love! He asks about the hair colour of the man who does the viewings, before asking for more details of his appearance. Rodriguez the Cuban head louse calls a school to ask if he and his family can visit, as long as there is no school nurse. A man contacting the automated Ticketline service for musical tickets to We Will Rock Youonly for it to think he asked for Disney on Iceand then on the second attempt it's recognised. A woman calling the "automated" Flat Line asking for a flat, but accidentally selecting other properties. The automated service also understands the caller wants two tickets, but on the first attempt instead.

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  • The following is an episode list for the E4 series Fonejacker. The series premiered on Comedy Mr Broadbandings persuading a man to join Internet Service Providings, his overly priced ISP service which is 42. He is put through to Terry Tibbs who accuses him of trying to ring George back to give his bank details.

    Does anyone know where I can get some free ringdings?

    No free ringdings « Sean's Stories

    D.F. OK totally % (apart from your wap charges) fonejacker I really, really want to be provided the service of the providings of the ring dings service providings!.

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    So if you are temptedings by free ring-dings, two sports channels, BBC Four, and superior internet service providings for providing the service of the internet.
    By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Roger Barker trying to put a deposit down for a car he hasn't even seen, only to have the phone connection break up, making it impossible for the salesman to write down the man's details.

    It was Al Fresco.

    images fonejacker free ring dings

    I will approach NPower direct or use an alternative comparison service. He then gets back to the point of the call, saying he wants to pay her the monies, and she says it's too good to be true.

    images fonejacker free ring dings
    He has to choose the Property option again but the service thinks he asked for romance, he hangs up after saying "Fuck off" and the service supposedly malfunctions.

    A Christmas special was aired on 20 December of the same year. Terry then asks him what they spoke about, and tells Terry they talked about sex. There was me thinking Hermes had lost or eaten it.

    images fonejacker free ring dings

    Competition entrants have no chance of winning anything. The singer Mika is shown as the zoo keeper in charge of the killings, who named the mouse "lunch". A woman calling the "automated" Flat Line asking for a flat, but accidentally selecting other properties.

    All your faultings.

    Better dealings. Bit on the sidings. Faster providings. Free ring ding. I know you care. Megabytings. Membership card. Much better than sky.

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    Sajnu alias ISP Man is an Indian man who works in a call centre in India for Internet Service Providings, mobile phonings' and Freeview television. And even if.
    Dufrais Constantinople calls a private investigator to complain he is being investigated. I am sure that anyone who has ever ordered anything online and relied upon a courier to deliver their precious goods, has always been extremely satisfied and never encountered any problems. The Fonejacker phones a dentist receptionist with a mouth full, to give him a broken tooth style of talking, and asks to see a dentist, but then unknown to the receptionist he asks to perform some love acts on her, but she thinks he is still making an appointment.

    Mr Doovde phoning a direct enquires line, for NCP 's telephone number.

    Terry Tibbs enquiring about a brass sculpture.

    images fonejacker free ring dings
    A BT engineer calling a book shop checking to see if their phone line is "crackly", whilst he is scrunching a crisp packet next to the mouthpiece.

    The Mouse calling Pest Control after finding a mousetrap on the floor, and asking how to disable it, but ending up trapped and impaled in the mousetrap.

    Mike making two calls, one calling from "Wrap a neighbours cat in cling film and throw it down a well Network Solutions Incorporated" asking a woman questions about the three wise men, and the other calling from "Tease your nipples with a Choc ice and whistle something fun Information Technology Services Limited" asking a woman a question about the baby Jesus.

    The Chinese DVD Gang calling a cinema asking if it has room for a film crew to film a movie in the back of the cinema for a "student project". A man calling a shop asking for their telephone number. Andrew calling a police station about the appearance of a series of gang members, only to pretend that the line is faulty, so the man on the other end of the line cannot hear the descriptions properly, nor his phone number.

    George Agdgdgwngo calling three victims, asking for account details, one involving a money ironer having a cardiac arrest inside the bank vault.

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    Brian Bedonde calls a theatre box office to buy tickets, only for his unusual speech impediment to make it difficult for the man at the box office to understand his post code. Your email address will not be published.

    images fonejacker free ring dings

    This is the first time in Fonejacker history Terry makes a call outside of his used cars office, but is instead on a golf course making the call inside a buggy based on a Rolls Royce.

    He sings " The Girl from Ipanema " to her using nonsense lyrics. Despite being offer 15, euros, then 30, euros, Pierre refuses the offer.

    images fonejacker free ring dings
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    It is revealed in this segment that the leader of the gang is called Charlie Wong. The man stops his car before the threat, only to be towed away for illegal parking. Barry Childs trying to book a magic act.

    Donald then asks in a sexual manner if he would like to spend time with him, only for the man he is talking with to hang up and hold his head in his hands, while the Fonejacker laughs.

    I know these companies make commission from introducing customers like me to energy providers, but I was not prepared to take the word of a random caller and sign up for a new provider over the phone.


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      The man tells the manager that the customer is always right, but the manager says the customer is talking "bloody bollocks", and later sarcastically suggests that if he thinks he's now a script writer, he should come to Bollywood to write their scripts.

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      Roger Barker trying to put a deposit down for a car he hasn't even seen, only to have the phone connection break up, making it impossible for the salesman to write down the man's details.