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Kaante film dialogue samples

images kaante film dialogue samples

Sanjay Dutt and Amitabh Bachan have performed their roles faithfully well. But this is not the case with Kaante. The film's centerpiece, the huge five-minute gun battle after the robbery, is obviously inspired from Heat, and it's directed in a heavily stylized, chaotic fashion. Let me begin by saying that I write this review with a very open mind. Follow IMDb on. JF Davis.

  • 25 Years of Ajay Devgn 5 movies that draw references from real life Bollywood News – India TV

  • No matter how he is, there are 2 things an Indian does not like one a loss in cricket second an attack on his nation. Movie: Kaante.

    images kaante film dialogue samples

    Star:Kumar Gaurav. Kaante () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more I think its unfair to judge a Bollywood film produced entirely in Hollywood with a budget. Dialogues were well written, but some might complain for being too crude. . A few little points are nice (for example, I liked Amitabh Bachchan's character and motivations). The film will clash with Akshay Kumar's PadMan at the box office. 'Discussion, dialogue and mutual respect for varied points of view,' is what filmmakers can expect from the Censor Aamir, Shah Rukh, Irrfan are just some of the interesting examples.

    Aatish, Kaante, Shootout: Sanjay Gupta's best film?.
    There are some nifty stunts and setpieces the motorcycle going down the stairs, the guy sliding down the hill all the while shooting some cops, the latter obviously a signature from John Woo and it's staged fairly well, but the director fails to put it together in a lucid fashion outside of the gun fight, he also overstylizes the movie, obviously trying to give it a slick Hollywood look and feel, but it comes off as a second-rate music video.

    25 Years of Ajay Devgn 5 movies that draw references from real life Bollywood News – India TV

    Robert Downey Jr. Actors perform effortlessly giving the impression of life. I was very low and depressed. Cheers to Sanjay Gupta for taking the chance to be different. This is a unique film in many ways, most of which have been touched upon.

    The star cast is perfect and the leading actors perform very well.

    images kaante film dialogue samples
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    But one of them is undercover cop Budget-wise it is three times bigger than my film and it has a superstar who I have worked with in the past.

    images kaante film dialogue samples

    Though plot was directly copied, yet it is a Indian Masterpiece in its own style. Wouldn't it be wiser to do it before, so mass bloodshed could be prevented? Major, a man with an ill wife on her death bed at home is looking to get some help to get his business sorted out. It was a pleasure working with some of Bollywoods best, they are truly a great bunch of guys and were very profesional.

    and English dialogue; and ‗Bombay film' is problematic again due to the industry' s The latter category's most well known examples include Kaante ().

    He pulled this stunt in his debut action movie 'Phool Aur Kaante' where he Few of his dialogues including 'Bas dua me yaad rakhna', are still.

    The writer-director of John Abraham-starrer Satyameva Jayate, and screenplay- dialogue writer of several films, Milap Zaveri had never.
    But none of the drawbacks should scare away anyone who wants to see Hindi cinema at the juncture of a major revolution.

    This movie is an adaptation of Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs", the only difference being that there are more people in the movie. Sunil Shetty is actually good in this film. All of them have a desperate need for money for their own separate reasons and decide to band together and rob a bank.

    An excellent movie, even if you have watched the hollywood one, Kaante is certainly worth watching.

    images kaante film dialogue samples
    By mentioning the words "usual suspects" please bear in mind that I am not throwing you any hints.

    I might have enjoyed it more 4 years ago, but I've moved on and the times have moved on, and now it's just kind of The movie is, obviously, made for a foreign crowd that probably hasn't seen any of the aforementioned films, thus it might seem fresh to them.

    Clear your history. Overall one great film,one of the best films made in bollywood. It is a refreshing new version of Bollywood film making.

    Some recent examples of Bollywood films that have been accused of copying Partner (), Chocolate (), Phir Milenge (), and Kaante ().

    images kaante film dialogue samples

    films reveals substantial differences in plots, style, and dialogue among other things.
    Let me begin by saying that I write this review with a very open mind. The title sequence in this film is also a welcome change. John is a messiah for me.

    Like the original film, several guys meet in prison and plan a bank job. If you want to relax and watch an explosive bollywood movie on a friday night, this is exactly the kind of movie you are looking for. This does not mean the photographer goes on a tour of LA city tour, as most Bollywood photographers do while shooting in foreign lands.

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    But Zaveri showed him his short film Raakh that he had made in the interim period to create some work for himself.

    images kaante film dialogue samples
    Kaante film dialogue samples
    The rest of the six main characters do not share equal number of lines or screen time. Cinematography of Kaante is simply brilliant. The way sanjay gupta has done his style by introducing what i call the "buzz" effect, the way he shows the power of the guns on the screen by blurring the images with a trail.

    IMDb More.

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    Kaante boasting of a dream star cast, is among the finest action films made in India.