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Kerala costume history

images kerala costume history

Nowadays they've started wearing a white gown with a veil. The upper part of the body was left bare. Women in Work They wear a long top over the mundu which extends upto the hips. People in Temple Festival with Theyyam Why not share! Their dresses were mainly of a short loin cloth. Source These days western culture has had a common influence on people not unlike the rest of India and people have started wearing western clothes like shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, etc.

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  • Costumes in Kerala Mundum Neriyathum Kerala Kerala

  • The mundu is a garment worn around the waist in the Indian states of Kerala, the Tulu Nadu Most men in Kerala use lungi as home dress or sleep dress. Lungis are generally colourful, and with varying designs. Lungis are not used during occasions.

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    Traditional Dresses of Kerala. This dress is worn in Kerala, Tulunadu region and Maldive islands.

    Ancient Fashion in Kerala from AD

    Muslim. Architecture of Sri Lanka To Explore Local History. The Mannan people Natural History museum THIRUANANTHAPURAM . click and read about kerala women's dress from Wikipedia: >From Wikipedia, the.
    The upper part of the body was left bare. A khaddar mundu is made using handlooms.

    images kerala costume history

    The women belonging to these communities used to wear a Pudava or Onnarramundu in Tattudukka style. They occur a good deal in Malayalam literature and are also an important part of Vishu celebrations.

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    Guptan Nair.

    images kerala costume history
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    Pic 2: Woman plucking kanikonna flowers in Kerala. A majority of Hindu men and a section of Christian men used to sport Kuduma, a tuft of lock of hair which was knotted and kept in different styles.

    Keralites have a natural attraction towards purity and this can be seen in their elegant traditional costume which is of white and off-white color. Christopher James at Serco.

    images kerala costume history

    Photograph circa courtesy Betsy Woodman. Like many a young royal of the s, the Princess was quite stylish.

    So how saree became the traditional dress of Kerala, is a question puts For men, the dhoti remains throughout the known history, or from the.

    Kerala Fashions, Fashion History

    The women of Kerala wear Mundu in different style from that of the women of Christian origin. Costumes of Kerala The Neriyathum is the name.

    The fashion industry is a product of the modern age. Prior to the midth century, most clothing was custom made.


    It was handmade for individuals, either as.
    If you would kindly let me know which images you want I can let you know the source and if they are in the public domain. Hajis or men who have made their pilgrimage to Mecca and other holy men often dye the beard red. Skip to content. I had done an earlier post on the Jews of Kerala see also here. The wearer highlights the 'kara' by carefully folding the end of the mundu.

    The Kerala Post Vintage Indian Clothing

    Moreover, they did not have the right to go to public places wearing it.

    images kerala costume history
    Kerala costume history
    Men used a towel known as 'Thambran Mundu'.

    Pic 1: Painting by a school student exhibited at the Trivandrum museum. After the British rule, the natural umbrella gave way to the European black umbrella. Calicut Hospital Operation Theater Browse by Genre Available eBooks White is their favourite colour as it depicts purity, elegance and simplicity.

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    Costumes in Kerala Mundum Neriyathum Kerala Kerala

    KERALA CLOTHING STYLE DURING 'S: Before Portuguese Ruling KERALA FASHION DURING From the Starting of Portuguese. The Keralites prefer a simple living and it is reflected in the way they dress.

    back to the history of kerala, we find that the people mainly wear traditional dress.
    People in Temple Festival with Theyyam Beautiful Backwater Stretches In Kerala. For the ethnic group in Sudan, see Mundu people. Nair Ladies Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

    images kerala costume history
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    Koraga women believed that they pleased the Gods by using grass or leaf skirts.

    People in Calicut Beach Like many a young royal of the s, the Princess was quite stylish. No notes for slide. A Brief History of the saree blouse and Indian fashion before with an occasional excursion after.


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      It looks like a shawl and is draped from the waist upwards above the Mundu.

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      Although the basic clothing in Kerala is very simple, it can be worn and designed according to the different occasions, such as weddings, family events, regional festivals like Onam and Vishu.

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      Lungis are generally colourful, and with varying designs. Corporate Wear.

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      Coconut Tree Climbers It will then make you unique and should never consider it as a shame.