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Radeon 7950 benchmark

images radeon 7950 benchmark

However, clearly on a general level, AMD thrives on value and with the arrival of additional GTX series cards for release across the summer with no direct AMD counterparts to rival them, we could well see prices on the HD fall still further. Its a nice chip, it really is. Clearly, you get what you pay for. Read the Eurogamer. But it may well be the case that the highest-quality texture settings will be off the table even for 2GB cards should the development focus puts consoles first. Core frequency is MHz, but newer versions of the tech will auto-boost up to MHz provided thermal headroom is available our card is vanilla, lacking this feature.

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  • Performance and price comparison graphs for Radeon HD / R9 Based on 25, user benchmarks. Device: A Models: AMD Radeon HDAMD Radeon HDAMD Radeon HD Series, AMD Radeon.

    images radeon 7950 benchmark

    Based on user benchmarks for the AMD HD and the Nvidia GTX Ti, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the.
    In the rush to review the latest and greatest, we often forget that vendors have plenty of existing inventory that they need to sell - last year's top-tier product becomes this year's attractive bargain buy.

    Compute Performance Moving on from our look at gaming performance, we have our customary look at compute performance.

    Radeon HD review •

    Thanks for taking part! Log in Don't have an account? Clearly, you get what you pay for.

    images radeon 7950 benchmark
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    But at stock levels, what can you expect from a standard card?

    images radeon 7950 benchmark

    Finally, our last benchmark is once again looking at compute shader performance, this time through the Fluid simulation sample in the DirectX SDK. Here we're seeing results that push the up to GTX levels - indeed, in a couple of cases we're seeing the technology reach the giddy heights of GTX performance.

    Rich has been a games journalist since the days of bit and specialises in technical analysis.

    HD vs RTX Game Performance Benchmarks GPUCheck United States / USA

    In the meantime, the focus shifts back to Nvidia and what it has planned for the price point the HD currently occupies. At the standard clock speed, we were a touch disappointed at the varying latency in frame delivery though - even at p. Comments 44 Comments for this article are now closed.

    AMD Radeon HD Graphics Card review with benchmark scores. See how it compares with other popular models.

    AMD Radeon HD Specs TechPowerUp GPU Database

    The Radeon HD was a high-end graphics card by AMD, launched in January. Based on TPU review data: "Performance Summary" at x A thorough insight into technical specs and benchmarks of AMD HD
    We're running the "Welcome to the Jungle" stage of Crysis 3 at high settings with very high quality textures engaged.

    Video: Radeon 7950 benchmark AMD Radeon HD 7950 Stock VS Overclocked Performance - i7 4790K 4.5GHz

    Death Stranding gameplay footage shows urination, invisible breastfeeding, Geoff Keighley Taking the piss. Already we've seen hints of developers pushing the envelope - the Killzone: Shadow Fall demo from the February PlayStation 4 reveal uses 3GB RAM for graphics in its pre-production state, and when we approached developers to discuss how to future-proof your PCall of them stressed the need to buy a graphics card which as much onboard video RAM as possible.

    Never miss a thing. Since compute performance is by definition shader bound, the is at a bit of a disadvantage here compared to gaming performance.

    images radeon 7950 benchmark
    Visualising benchmark runs puts raw numbers into context.

    Nvidia absolutely dominates in BioShock Infinite in particular, but the gap closes a touch in Tomb Raider and suddenly the HD looks much more competitive on every other benchmark we have.

    Radeon HD [in 2 benchmarks]

    Next up, we re-ran those tests, this time upping resolution to x, but knocking down the overall quality presets down a single notch. Its a nice chip, it really is. Terms of Use. Well, we kick off our analysis with the same kind of testing criteria we used to judge performance on the considerably more expensive GTX


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      Getting that extra performance was as simple as moving a couple of sliders within the AMD Catalyst control panel.

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      Subscribe to The Eurogamer. Worse still for AMD, in the here and now it has absolutely nothing to replace it.

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      All rights reserved. But the usefulness of that additional memory could change significantly as we move into the next-gen era, with the 8GB of unified RAM present in both consoles offering an architectural advantage over the split-pool set-up seen on PC.

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