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School days game endings

images school days game endings

I also think that some rpgs should really take into account party dynamics and really go the extra mile to really take you one way or the other without you having to go forcibly the "main" route After deciding to kill Sekai, Kotonoha laughs maniacally. Before anything is confirmed Taisuke comes crying and then tells Makoto he's been dumped. If all party members could potentially leave that would increase the size of the already quite massive script exponentially. What if Yu was a two-timing jerk and his actions were seen as a horrible betrayal? On each 5 of the routes is a similar yet uniquely named Kotonoha ending. Makoto blocks her number and breaks up with her, then later goes home together with Otome. You can see how this is kind of neat but ultimate conflicts with the combat mechanics because one can think "I can get by with crappier weapons Makoto then says he wants to be with her but Sekai says they can't because the bonfire is for couples. Still, the idea that more consequences or bad endings could have been worked into the story is an intriguing one.

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  • images school days game endings

    Compared to the original game, Cross Days features more bad endings than its predecessor but isn't as graphic in violence. According to the route map Cross.

    Contents[show] School Days The Visual Novel Main article: Endings In the bad taking things slow and the game ends before he decides he loves Kotonoha.

    Bloody End is one of the bad endings in School Days and arguably the most infamous ending to the game and by popularity it is second only to the anime ending. In this ending Kotonoha kills Sekai on a train station overpass. This ending is reached when Makoto chooses Sekai but not.
    Sekai then rejects him saying she doesn't want to go out with someone that has to confess through a girl.

    In the bad endings Bloody End Makoto treats Kotonoha badly and combined with the bullying by Nanami Kanroji causes Kotonoha to go into Yandere mode and kill his girlfriend during this ending Sekai.

    Great blog but I was never impressed with School Days and was doubly left unimpressed with the stunt they pulled with that ending. Nanami then wishes her luck if Sekai gets dumped. Sekai is forced to go back with her.

    School Days HQ Walkthroughs Fuwanovel Forums

    And on the forums. On the contrary, by meeting particular conditions, you can choose other heroines in the game.

    images school days game endings
    School days game endings
    As you're exploring, you see a creepy child, who I think tells you he's Walter Sullivan the creepy metaphysical serial killer and antagonist of Silent Hill 4.

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    Kotonoha hears of this and asks if anybody besides Sekai was near him or any couples and then later deduces Sekai kissed Makoto. All I can say is that for how it turned out, I admire their work. She obtains a key to Makoto's home and proceeds to hear Makoto and Sekai having sex many times until she gets on the balcony and sees a saw.

    During the evening Taisuke calls Makoto to confirm he's not dating Sekai so he can ask her. That being said I completely agree with you, it would be cool to see a game take those kinds of risks.

    22/21 DONE School Days focuses on the life of Makoto Itou, living with his divorced and unseen (but heard) mother in the fictional city of.

    School Days HQ Summary In the school the three people met.

    images school days game endings

    In School Days HQ, there's 22 possible endings for the player to experience. There are about 20 endings in the School Days Visual Novel. and even the in- game graphics show Makoto's affection for them in the upper.
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    She answers that she's been doing this since junior high and it probably doesn't work. But just as Makoto makes real headway in his relationship with Kotonoha, having been invited to her home and entering a comfortable first-name basis with her, he grows tired of her.

    How many endings are there in the School Days Visual Novel Anime & Manga Stack Exchange

    Before school Nanami reports her findings to Sekai. Those are as follows:. The fact that the game does present the options it does sounds like a great idea, bu the design just missed the mark in a key area.

    Needless to say, in a game where progression is entirely based on acquiring, using and combining items to open up the next area, why wouldn't I expect I would use this Kitchen Knife at some point?

    images school days game endings
    Even if it was broken you can be easily fixed.

    Before going to the roof Sekai says she forgot to get tea and asks Kotonoha to come with her to send Makoto up alone and talks to her alone.

    Before he makes it Setsuna informs him where Sekai is and Makoto is forced to make a decision between them. Watch Queue Queue.

    School Days Lessons in Bad Endings Through Anime Adaptation General Discussion Giant Bomb

    How games implement such ideas is definitely a sticking point, as others here have discussed. Game budgets and development time are really the two main conspirators in why these sorts of scenarios don't appear more often in games, I'm guessing.

    But this weekend, I finally watched School Days, an anime series from From this set-up, the game has over twenty endings; most of them are.

    School Days is a simple premise that grow wildly out of the protagonist's control to his own detriment, and it's in that direction that both the game and anime are. Spoilers Jesus Christ, School Days has the most f**ked up ending (Warning: Makoto is a first year high school student, and the "protagonist".
    Make it too vague, and it might never be seen, or worse appear unavoidable.

    I never played Alpha Protocol, but it seems that the common thread I keep hearing is that the game would have been a million times better if it had focused more on its decision-making and everything else it did that wasn't combat-related.

    Also during that time I found the Sekai Project. Before anything is confirmed Taisuke comes crying and then tells Makoto he's been dumped. Sekai and others refer to Makoto early on as an idiot. During lunch Makoto says Kotonoha's getting better and Kotonoha asks if he's still close with Sekai.

    images school days game endings
    School days game endings
    In a way I wish they kept the system or designed some other way though Golden does acknowledge the multiple relationships at certain events. It's understandable, considering that Nanami Kanroji already has a boyfriend.

    There's only one way that universe can play out. But Makoto makes one bad decision too many. Fallout handles it via the image montage with a voice over which does work even though it does feel rather sterile and a bit "gamey" while the Walking Dead does make your decisions feel different but ultimately superficial in retrospect.

    She apologizes to Kotonoha and begs her to give up on Makoto.


    1. Gujin:

      It is after Sekai plays matchmaker for him and Kotonoha that his life begins to change. While there were technically even less consequences in P4, at least you had a choice in the matter.

    2. Doumuro:

      Is the plot really that strong that it deserved re-representation minus the bukkake and what-not?

    3. Yozshuran:

      In some ways, it makes sense that this sort of aspect might better fit certain genres than others, though perhaps someone creative could find a way to make such storytelling work in a genre that we might not necessarily expect. Well, as much as one can enjoy a show with that sort of ending, if that's even the right word for it.