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Video module drupal youtube channel

images video module drupal youtube channel

This project is also yours, so leave us a comment and if you like it, share it with your friends. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Drupal Camp Costa Rica - July Yes it is! Pricing day money back guarantee.

  • A new site of Drupal videos tutorials Karim Boudjema

  • YoutubeChannel is a module with a purpose to give you list of videos from a given youtube channel in your site.

    A new site of Drupal videos tutorials Karim Boudjema

    You have to configure the. This module allows retrieving youtube channel videos on the website. It will helpful module for those who want to integrate own youtube.

    This module retrieves all the playlists and videos from a YouTube Channel and store the videos as a node and their related playlist as a.
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    Is it worth it? Description Features How to install Demo Pricing. Is there something we could do to help people to find Drupal videos on Youtube that fit their needs in a better way? Looking for the next step in your career as a developer?

    images video module drupal youtube channel
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    For this version we plan to:. I'm not speaking about the well-known "learning curve", but just about how to begin learning Drupal, to find the right documentation, training or video to do so.

    Video: Video module drupal youtube channel Drupal 7.x. How To Add YouTube Video

    Drupal module. In fact, we don't want to compete with anybody.

    images video module drupal youtube channel

    Add a quick and uncomplicated tool for users to watch videos and subscribe directly from the page of your site.

    The module is usefull for showing youtube channel videos with plugin for list youtube channel video on your drupal web site. In the online world with youtube becoming so popular several users have their own youtube channel to showcase their own videos.

    In your web.

    Build a unique YouTube Video Gallery for your Drupal website just in 1 Find the suitable channels and individual video clips to create your.
    Elfsight Apps. You may know that I'm not a devops guy, so I was looking for a Drupal hosting service that allow us to focus on what best we can do: theming and developing Drupal websites.

    Video: Video module drupal youtube channel Embed Youtube video on Drupal 7

    Is it worth it? Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Add to website.

    How can I learn drupal advance like module creation? Those two or three hours of mentoring where the best Drupal gift I've ever had.

    images video module drupal youtube channel
    Drupal Centroamerica Panama - October Widget installation is complete!

    images video module drupal youtube channel

    What are the books or tutorials to learn Drupal? We plan to add community tags like: type site building - theming - development - devops - arquitecture - community building - marketing - self-improvement - case study level beginner - intermediate - advanced kind tutorial - conference - meeting subject free tagging - Find a way to access the video's captions and process them through an auto tagging tool like OpenCalais so we could discover automatically the most relevant tags.

    You can help submitting a channel, a playlist or a video by clicking here. The beta 3. Our module is fully responsive to all formats and browsers; it has around parameters, customizable template and many different advantages, which help to add it on diverse websites.


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      Allow the community to tag videos to improve search results Beta 2. If your focus is on Drupal 8, OSTraining recently launched a free series of Drupal 8 training videos for beginners.

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      Where can I get Drupal tutorial videos?