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Visualisierung energieverbrauch sportarten

images visualisierung energieverbrauch sportarten

In other words, the invention is useful for optimizing the performing efficiency. Thin-flexible current probes allow measurements in hardly accessible distribution frames. If not, an automatic type determination is initiated, as discussed above. Instead of or in addition to a single value of the time delay parameter can be made from a pre-defined model of behavior of the parameter with respect to the changes in intensity use. Da insbesondere der Vergleich von Herzfrequenz und Kadenz bei rhythmischen Verrichtungen wie z. However, it is possible to accommodate the sensors in different equipment units that may located at different parts of the body, as their rhythmic movements typically are not independent and therefore information can be obtained sufficient to remove rhythmic artifacts. If the movements and heartbeats are synchronous, that is, their frequencies are equal to or a is a multiple of the other, so there is full correlation there may also be a phase shift between the periodic frequencies passed.

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  • steigendem Batteriegewicht auch der Verbrauch zunimmt (Broussely ). Der Ener- .

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    schied zwischen den beiden Zelldesigns nochmals visualisiert. Energieverbrauch – ungefähr 10% pro . unsere Aktionen im Sport- und Frei-.

    images visualisierung energieverbrauch sportarten

    für etwas wärmer, und grün für etwas kühler visualisiert. Um einen ersten Überblick über den Energieverbrauch in Deutsch- land zu bekommen Nicht nur im Sport sondern auch in unserem Markt, der durch star - ken Wettbewerb. Oberfläche zur Visualisierung und Analyse von Messdaten und.
    On the other hand direct power measurements require specialized instrumentation and are applicable only for some typical indoor exercises and equipment, such.

    These means may comprise for example, a position-measuring device, such as a satellite positioning sensor, or accelerometer of the device can be used for speed determination, particularly in known stepper or revolution length. The fitness level can be specified as an anaerobic threshold heart rate or as a fitness index intensity, as energy consumption, power output or speed and load level as a fatigue index, z. The output can be selected from a variety of performing parameters which are known in applications of sports monitoring per se, or are completely new.

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    In one embodiment, specifically suitable for monitoring walking or cycling activities, speed or cadence amount information is additionally used to determine the performing parameter. In a further embodiment, an additional unit in the system is present, z.

    images visualisierung energieverbrauch sportarten
    Visualisierung energieverbrauch sportarten
    In this way, rhythmic sports are characterized by, for example, the acceleration data, while irregular sports are characterized by the heart rate data, allowing accurate estimates of energy consumption.

    Das Verfahren umfasst weiterhin das Analysieren des Herzschlagsignals zum Nachweisen periodischer Merkmale in dem Herzschlagsignal und in dem Bewegungssignal, das Bestimmen einer zeitlicher Korrelation der periodischen Merkmale des Herzschlagsignals und des Bewegungssignals, und das Berechnen zumindest eines Verrichtungsparameters, basierend auf der zeitlichen Korrelationsbestimmung.

    A method according to claim 28, characterized in that the user takes a fully rested state at the start of performing.

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    In one embodiment, an electrical heart rate module is at least provided with an integral or functionally connectable to a heart rate belt or a smart garment with integrated heart rate measuring electrodes to form the heartbeat sensor.

    Run, described above, and can also process the acceleration signal in a similar manner to locate repeated movements or movement frequency.

    images visualisierung energieverbrauch sportarten

    For example, obtained by means of the invention during a run fitness value of the person can be used as input parameters of a power consumption calculation algorithm that is suitable for all sports. An advanced example of the characterization is to optimize the intensity at a sportswoman person, so that it is capable of a planned exercise to perform at maximum pace.

    zienzlösungen mit Wirkung auf den Energieverbrauch eingegangen1.

    Sport) abgefragt, der keinen Zusammenhang mit den untersuchten Konstrukten Dieser komplexe Sachverhalt erschliesst sich besser durch Visualisierung: In.

    Enzo Enea I. waveup Visualisierung Enzo Enea II wird die Sportart Wellenreiten übrigens zum ersten Mal in Tokio olympisch ausgetragen.

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    Parallele und verteile Simulation und Visualisierung auf Basis des DSVR- Framework . erforschen, den Energieverbrauch von Energietechnik sowie Sport.
    The module may optionally also contain the acceleration sensor, and may further comprise optionally at least a part of the processing means. Da insbesondere der Vergleich von Herzfrequenz und Kadenz bei rhythmischen Verrichtungen wie z. DEA1 en.

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    It has been found that provide movement characteristics in relation to heartbeat characteristics information about the performing, which has not been used. It is preferred that the heartbeat sensor and the motion sensor in the same device unit, such as a heart rate belt or smart garment. In dieser Beschreibung wird ein detailliertes Rechenbeispiel vorgestellt. Formel und Abmessungen etc.

    images visualisierung energieverbrauch sportarten
    If the correlation between intervals is low, the performing is irregular.

    images visualisierung energieverbrauch sportarten

    Some portable devices are particularly wristop computer, mobile phone, heart rate belt, smart clothing and sensor units of different types, such. Equipment according to any of the preceding claims, characterized by means for determining an average step length of the person, wherein the processing means is further adapted to use the average stride in the calculation of performing parameter.

    The term "portable equipment" covers all mobile devices and multi-device systems from which are formed or otherwise attached to one or more parts of the body, either directly or through a piece of cloth, including various types of shirts, jackets, pants, and footwear, for example, or portable Accessories, such.

    Der Fachmann erkennt allerdings, dass die Erfindung auch ohne ein oder mehrere der spezifischen Details oder mit anderen Verfahrenskomponenten, Werkstoffen etc. Mit Hilfe der Erfindung kann dies in robuster Weise geschehen ohne komplexe Messungen, so z. As tennis, football and floorball must usually fail these calculations.


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      Eel an example of the partial calculation of the energy consumption per unit mass may be determined based on the heartbeat data or the acceleration data in the heart rate belt, which value is then multiplied by the mass of the user in the wristop computer, the latter being an interface for inputting the user's body mass has. These means may comprise for example, a position-measuring device, such as a satellite positioning sensor, or accelerometer of the device can be used for speed determination, particularly in known stepper or revolution length.